Procrastination part 1

(I predict having many posts with this title so I should probably number them)

It turns out that I really have no idea what I’m doing with this novel writing malarkey. i have this really cool idea but I’m really going to have to research way more to do it justice. I’ve been procrastinating researching it because it seems like a huge mountain to climb since my knowledge base is so thin. This has resulted in me doing basically anything but writing/researching and while procrastinating, I decided to clean up my hard-drives.

I have a 3 different computers that I use on a regular basis – work computer, home computer, iPad – and I have written various short stories on all of them. so I decided that this weekend was the weekend to organize my writing and put all of them in one place. And it turns out I have about 15 unfinished short stories. I read through a few of them and some of them seem really promising and they’ve really lit a fire under me,

Since I’ve hit a wall with my novel anyway, it seems like finishing a couple of these is a good way to inspire myself again. I read through a few of them and it’s nice to do that after a few months away from them, because it’s given me some distance from them and, actually, I’m not a terrible writer. I’m actually quite witty and clever on occasion.

So my weekend plans are to just revisit some of my older pieces and try to turn them into something substantial. I’m really excited. I think it’ll be fun.



2 responses to “Procrastination part 1

  1. What do you need to research? Try breaking it into smaller pieces to do daily. For example I researched schizophrenia. I divided it up into 3 parts: clinical, familial perspective, and individual perspective. I even further divided the clinical into psychiatry and psychology since they differ. I spent as much time as I needed on each part trying to read/researching 1-2 hours a day to start. If you just take a little at a time it is easier. I can be a procrastinator too, and I find just making myself start is the hardest part. Once I get started I am golden. Good luck!

    • I’m researching tarot. I have all the materials I need right now. Book of Thoth and some other materials. I just need to get more familiar with the actual cards and their significance. The characters are based on the major arcana.

      It’s kind of tricky because as much as I like tarot and the history and the stories about each of the cards, and i think the cards are beautiful, I have no real spiritual connection or interest in them in that way, and I’m afraid that my lack of belief will become apparent and it’ll make me seem flippant. or make the characters one dimensional.

      This probably sounds dumb. Your subject matter seems much more serious. :))

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