Monthly Archives: June 2014

Stuff and things

i got busy with life stuff and forgot i had this blog. I think I’ll make it a policy to update every Friday.

Things that happened in the interim:

1. I made some progress studying up on stuff i have no vested interest in so I can get to the interesting stuff I actually need to know so I can do my book’s premise justice. Which is a sign of maturity I think.

2. i discovered that if i write an outline at the op of the page, i can write like 3000 words an hour as opposed to my usual 500 words of absolute crap when i try to write without an outline. 

3. My cat thinks that if i sit in any chair and then get up that it turns into his chair and he is very offended if i try to move him OR sit in any other chair because then the new chair becomes his chair, and HOW VERY DARE I sit in his chair.