Writing 101 Challenge: Day one

I’m doing the writing 101 Challenge. It’s from June, but whatever. Who’s counting. For those of you, not in the know, the first challenge is just a stream of consciousness challenge. you’re just supposed to write whatever you want for 20 minutes and then post that to your blog. So this is what i’m doing now. Tick tock. all of that took exactly a minute and a half. Crap.

Whenever I have to do any kind of free flow writing it always turns into this diarizing shit. One time I resolved to hand write a novel. I purchased a really beautiful notebook, went to my favorite coffee shop in Boryeong, (which also happened to be the only coffee shop in Boryeong, so good job I liked it, eh?) and sat down at my usually table and started to craft the story of… nothing. I couldn’t even think of an opening sentence. I spent the rest of the afternoon writing descriptions of all the people who walked into the coffee shop. Out of desperation I bought for the first and only time a sweet potato latte. Just so i could have something new and interesting to describe. It was gross. and my description was pedestrian. But anything for your art, right?

This is actually an issue for me because I’m going to attempt NaNoWriMo for the first time. The problem I’m having with it is that I have been sitting on this story for months. since April to be exact. I have character outlines, A great concept and a notebook full of hand written Ideas and also a sort of vague outline. I’ve been doing research up the wazoo (not sure what a wazoo is, but I’m up it) and I’m so ready to start writing. But I won’t because: the rules.

I’m just afraid that, come November, I’m going to be so saturated with thinking about this story that I will have research/plan-fatigued myself out of any drive to actually write the damn thing.

I hesitated too long. I should have just started writing in April when the idea struck me. But nooooo! Two of my friends mentioned at that time that they were also thinking of doing the NaNoWriMo thing and I agreed to do it with them. And a promise is a promise so I held off and just did other things book related. all the peripheral things. No actual writing. Now here I am. A month and a half before November. terrified I’ve over thought the whole thing. Damn.

My wrists hurt and it’s only been 9 minutes. My writing technique must not be good. how do people do it for hours on end without stopping? i do not know. On the other hand, if i can write around 400 words in under 20 minutes, the 1700 odd words i’ll need per day to complete nanowrimo will be a piece of cake. I just need to carve out the hour and a half to two hours. every single day. Who am I kidding? šŸ˜¦ I’ll just have to do more on the weekends. And take up waking up super early to write again. That use to work when I used to wake up at the crack of dawn to write short stories.

I haven’t done that since June though. I hate that all my good habits were undone by the summer break.

I have seven minutes left so I guess i’ll give you more of a life update. Not that any of you know me in real life, but I bet you’re super interested in my life.

1. I got a tattoo. A beautiful little turtle on my wrist. I’ll post pics later if one of the tasks calls for it. it’s true what they say. They are addictive. I already have a plan for another tattoo on almost every part of my body.

2. I no longer wish to work at this university. Academia is not for me. I tried it for 5 years and most of my twenties and I’m done.

3. I want to be a dive instructor. I love the ocean. I love diving. I love boats. I love teaching (i hate office hours and grading). I have a plan too and i’ve already told my parents and they are on board with whatever I want. Although, if I’m honest, they don’t really have a choice, i’ve always done exactly as i pleased.

4. I’m going to buy a boat. some kind of yacht. What i really want is a 50 ft full displacement hull yacht. but i’m not super rich so I’ll probably just get a mini trawler and call it a day.

5. I feel like I’m outgrowing most of my friendships. People misunderstand fundamental things about me and it bothers me more than i can say. I feel like I shouldn’t have to keep explaining myself to people who are close to me. this is probably quite cryptic. but whatever. it’s almost midnight, i don’t have time for full explanations.

Holy cow. 800 words. Go me. that would be 2400 words in an hour if I was writing my book. That’s WAY more than 1700. yes. Go me! Good Job Natalie.

there’s one minute left on the clock so I’ll just sign off.

thank you to the one of you who made it all the way to the end. You are a gentleman/woman and a scholar!

zia jian!!!


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