It’s been a year…

Well more than  year now. I can’t believe it. Actually I totally can.

So here’s a quick catch up. In this last year I have:

  1. taken part in nanowrimo again. I’ve actually written 50000 words of two different novels now. Neither of them are finished but we won’t talk about that. I’ll revisit them one day in the future when I have time.
  2. started another masters. This is the third. Hopefully this one will stick. I’m really enjoying it so far.

I’m kind of worried that I’m too old to be trying to start a whole new career but I saw a quote the other day that said “Don’t be concerned about the time it takes to pursue your dreams. The time will pass anyway”. So I’m just going to keep going and do as much as I can with the 24 hours I have at my disposal every day.

I might even start creative writing again. Who knows.

Glad this blog still exists though. I might try to do a once a month thing or something.


One response to “It’s been a year…

  1. Yay for you being back 🙂

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