Stuff and things

i got busy with life stuff and forgot i had this blog. I think I’ll make it a policy to update every Friday.

Things that happened in the interim:

1. I made some progress studying up on stuff i have no vested interest in so I can get to the interesting stuff I actually need to know so I can do my book’s premise justice. Which is a sign of maturity I think.

2. i discovered that if i write an outline at the op of the page, i can write like 3000 words an hour as opposed to my usual 500 words of absolute crap when i try to write without an outline. 

3. My cat thinks that if i sit in any chair and then get up that it turns into his chair and he is very offended if i try to move him OR sit in any other chair because then the new chair becomes his chair, and HOW VERY DARE I sit in his chair.


Around the web

Some more links I found useful. (I’m a baby writer. These won’t be useful for you if you are already established)

1. Another writing 101 guide (I love reading these for some reason)

2. A “how to get published” guide.

3. More on proposals and outlines and stuff.

4. Writing and publishing nonfiction (link to amazon page. not an article.)

5. Website to help you publish independently.

That’s it!

I realised I hadn’t posted anything here for a while so I thought I should update.

Did you know: if you go out with your friends and have a couple of whiskeys, writing is way easier than when you’re sober.

On being a starving artist

I know a lot of writers in real life. Most of them have day jobs which are not related to writing. Most are teachers in some capacity or another. One is an animator of how-to videos. Only one is a full time writer, but she’s also a cartoonist and painter and sells her art along with her stories and graphic novels. 

I admire her. I really admire anyone who is willing to take the risk and rely on something like writing or art to support themselves. i think it must take either supreme self confidence and confidence in your abilities or a bravery I can’t even imagine.

I have a day job too. It’s pretty cushy. It’s easy and enjoyable and the hours are not too long or arduous. If I had it my way, I would have a flat in Paris or Barcelona or somewhere else really beautiful and take walks and drink wine and write when inspiration struck. I don’t have the balls to do anything like that though. To write full time.

I grew up in a house where my parents fought constantly about money. If there was tension in the house it was probably because they were fighting about money. I swore that I would never let myself worry about money, so I’ve always had a job and I’ve always made sure that I was never in debt for very long and I’ve always chosen security over trying anything risky.

I don’t regret these decisions. I’ve chosen my life. But I realize that I’m probably in quite a privileged position to be able to choose security, when there are tons of people who would love to be able to be financially secure the way I am. 

But I still really admire the people who have taken the difficult route of dedicating themselves wholly to their art.

Procrastination part 1

(I predict having many posts with this title so I should probably number them)

It turns out that I really have no idea what I’m doing with this novel writing malarkey. i have this really cool idea but I’m really going to have to research way more to do it justice. I’ve been procrastinating researching it because it seems like a huge mountain to climb since my knowledge base is so thin. This has resulted in me doing basically anything but writing/researching and while procrastinating, I decided to clean up my hard-drives.

I have a 3 different computers that I use on a regular basis – work computer, home computer, iPad – and I have written various short stories on all of them. so I decided that this weekend was the weekend to organize my writing and put all of them in one place. And it turns out I have about 15 unfinished short stories. I read through a few of them and some of them seem really promising and they’ve really lit a fire under me,

Since I’ve hit a wall with my novel anyway, it seems like finishing a couple of these is a good way to inspire myself again. I read through a few of them and it’s nice to do that after a few months away from them, because it’s given me some distance from them and, actually, I’m not a terrible writer. I’m actually quite witty and clever on occasion.

So my weekend plans are to just revisit some of my older pieces and try to turn them into something substantial. I’m really excited. I think it’ll be fun.


Writing resources

Just some articles I found interesting:

1. On self-publishing

2. 2013’s best books on creativity

3. Advice on writing

4. Comic Neue – new take on comic sans. Quite attractive.

5. Novel writing 101

Okay. That’s it for today. Not much of a post, but I had a busy day.


On self confidence

I’m part of a writer’s group. There are about 5 of us who show up every week and there are a few more who come every now and then. We get a prompt every week and we have to write a short story or essay or article and incorporate the prompt – be it a word or picture or concept – into the piece.

I always leave the meetings really inspired but then when I sit down and start to write, I feel really deflated. I have to really work myself up to actually writing anything because I always feel like I’m not a good enough writer to really tell the story I want to tell.

I usually need a glass of wine before I can really get into it. When I’m trying to write something I always have the same feeling I get when I’m trying to impress a date or do well on an interview, which is stupid because my friends in the group have been so supportive and positive about my submissions so far and we’ve been meeting every week for six months or so.

I just wish I didn’t constantly feel like such a fraud. I have real trouble calling myself a writer, even though I spend most of my free time writing or thinking about writing or reading or reading about writing and it’s the only thing that really makes me feel motivated lately.

If you’re anything like me…

…you need a lot of structure in your writing.

I just found this site today and I’ve signed up and it’s super fun to do all the activities.

I like it because it has a progress bar and there’s nothing more satisfying than progress bars.


On planning

I love writing. But more than that, I love planning. I love making outlines and diagrams and deciding what goes where. I love writing character profiles and making Venn diagrams and deciding on word counts per chapter/section.

And I love doing all that by hand. I have notebooks full of notes and ideas which I have yet to incorporate because if i don’t have the words all figured out first I can’t bring myself to start typing.

I don’t like to type anything before I know exactly where the story is going first. If I just start typing, i feel like a fraud. Like I’m just pretendy writing. I hate feeling like I’m just making things up as I go along, which is ridiculous because that is what fiction writing is, verbatim.


This blog will primarily consist of me ranting about the novel that I’m writing. i might include some excerpts, but probably not. it’s just a place to vent about writing.