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Around the web

Some more links I found useful. (I’m a baby writer. These won’t be useful for you if you are already established)

1. Another writing 101 guide (I love reading these for some reason)

2. A “how to get published” guide.

3. More on proposals and outlines and stuff.

4. Writing and publishing nonfiction (link to amazon page. not an article.)

5. Website to help you publish independently.

That’s it!

I realised I hadn’t posted anything here for a while so I thought I should update.

Did you know: if you go out with your friends and have a couple of whiskeys, writing is way easier than when you’re sober.


Writing resources

Just some articles I found interesting:

1. On self-publishing

2. 2013’s best books on creativity

3. Advice on writing

4. Comic Neue – new take on comic sans. Quite attractive.

5. Novel writing 101

Okay. That’s it for today. Not much of a post, but I had a busy day.


If you’re anything like me…

…you need a lot of structure in your writing.

I just found this site today and I’ve signed up and it’s super fun to do all the activities.

I like it because it has a progress bar and there’s nothing more satisfying than progress bars.