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Writing 101, Day Three: Commit to a Writing Practice

Today’s exercise is about creating writing habits. The assignment is to write about 3 songs that mean a lot to me and to write non-stop for 15 minutes.

if you had asked me to do this 10 years ago there would have been 3 songs and they would have meant a great deal to me. These days I have the Breaking Bad soundtracks, Grimes’ discography, Muse’s discography, 2 Janelle Monae Albums and one Jeff buckle album on my computer and that is it. Not a whole lot of music for a 29 year old, but i’ll try.

1. Crystal Ball by Grimes. This song means a lot to me because I can put it on and write or do anything productive and not be distracted. This is true of a lot of Grimes’ music because she very rarely has lyrics worth listening to. Don’t get me wrong, this is not an insult. She sings indistinctly and usually quite softly so there’s not much to really sing along to. i appreciate that.

2. City of Delusion by Muse. This song is important because whenever I listen to it, I feel very triumphant and it’s one of the few Muse songs that make me want to dance. There are other, better Muse songs, but this is the one I’m listening to at the moment so there you go.

3. Lover, you should have come over by Jeff Buckley. This is arguably the greatest love song ever written. “My kingdom for a kiss upon her shoulder” is the greatest line ever written in any song and I will fight anyone who thinks I’m wrong. I have listened to this song and cried so many times because I know that no one will ever think about me the way Jeff Buckley thought about the woman he wrote this for. He was 20-something and in love and waiting by the phone for her to call. She never did.

That’s it. I’m not deep I guess. This is the bane of my existence. It reminds me of what happened last weekend when I was attempting to pick up a German chick. I noticed she had a tattoo on her foot and I told her it was really beautiful and she explained to me how different elements of it represented different family members of hers. I showed her the turtle tattoo on my wrist and she went “that’s cute, what does it represent?” and I said “I like turtles” :-/

Goodnight, wordpress.


Writing 101, Day Two: A Room with a View (Or Just a View)

The assignment for today is to describe a place you want to be.

Now I’ve only been back at work for a few weeks and i by no means have the worlds most stressful job, but I’m exhausted. it’s only Wednesday and I spent all day thinking it was Friday and when I realized the truth i wanted to cry.

The only place I want to be is 30 m under water, near a reef, looking at fish. I love diving. I miss it so much when I can’t do it. I live in land so that means literally all the time I’m not on holiday.

I remember when I was last in the Philippines and we went diving at 6 in the morning so we could see the thresher sharks come up for cleaning. The little cleaning wrasses live in much shallower water than the sharks do and every morning they come up and get cleaned. The dive master took us down to 29 m and we sat on the edge of a really steep wall and waited.

Usually, when you’re down there you think you can only hear the sounds of your own breathing, but if you listen carefully you can hear the coral crackle. it sounds like rice krispies. Everything looks kind of blue because colors disappear along with light penetration. You move slowly, underwater. You want to conserve air. Move too fast and you breathe too fast and you can cut your dive time in half. My ex used to swim around like a maniac and our 50 minute dives would be reduced to 30 minute dives. Diving is expensive but they don’t charge you by the minute. This means that it’s probably one of the most stress free leisurely activities you can undertake in the ocean.

Thresher sharks live deep, and they’re long – up to 6 m long – and graceful and elegant. They move slowly up out of the depths and when you see them you can hardly believe that you are that close to something so beautiful. We sat on the edge of the wall, 29 m under water and watched 9 of them swim up and circle above our heads while the little cleaner wrasses did their jobs.

if I had a choice, that is where I’d be, watching the sharks.