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On planning

I love writing. But more than that, I love planning. I love making outlines and diagrams and deciding what goes where. I love writing character profiles and making Venn diagrams and deciding on word counts per chapter/section.

And I love doing all that by hand. I have notebooks full of notes and ideas which I have yet to incorporate because if i don’t have the words all figured out first I can’t bring myself to start typing.

I don’t like to type anything before I know exactly where the story is going first. If I just start typing, i feel like a fraud. Like I’m just pretendy writing. I hate feeling like I’m just making things up as I go along, which is ridiculous because that is what fiction writing is, verbatim.



This blog will primarily consist of me ranting about the novel that I’m writing. i might include some excerpts, but probably not. it’s just a place to vent about writing.